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About the site
This site began life in 2001 when the now infamous World Trade Center Spider-Man teaser was released on the Apple website. Trying to provide a direct link to patrons of The DVD Forums I gave up trying to post the lengthy Apple urls via the bulletin software in use at the time and set up an incredibly basic page (it would make the current site look like a dozen people ran it) on my personal ISP web space. This proved to be very popular so I eventually began updating the list of trailers each time Apple posted something of interest, and as they say, the rest is history...

...a server move or two, url change, and complete eradication of the teaser that started it all, and many years online the site has grown and is still going strong. I have also purposely kept it basic, for both personal and professional reasons.

How to use the site
For the most part simply right click any of the direct links and choose 'save as', then select a location on your device to download the trailer. Alternatively you can choose 'copy shortcut' and paste the link into your favourite Download Manager.

Felix S of http://mosaic-on.com/ who designed the new site logo. The subheader designs were done using the template he provided so if you dislike them, blame yours truly!

Notable trailer sources include: Apple Trailers and numerous studio sources. Be sure to visit them as they host the trailers, I merely provide easy to use direct links.

Trailer sites Dave frequents: Movie List and its forums have proved invaluable over the years.

You, for visiting the site.

If you have a query of any kind be it a complaint, compliment or correction then you're best off contacting me through Twitter.

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